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Masters Outdoors

KO Rhino Rest Base Kit

KO Rhino Rest Base Kit

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The KO Rhino Rest Base Kit, comes with the KO Rest, Rubber cove and The KO Hith

The Masters Outdoors KO Rhino Rest Is one of a kind patented magnetic shooting Yoke, that easily attaches to most shooting sticks, bipods and tripods. It comes with standard 1/4-20 threads so users can easily screw it into their favorite shooting aids to provide a higher level of stability and accuracy in the field or target range.

 Whether they’re hunting with a crossbow, rifle or shotgun, using the power of its 20-pound magnetic pull force shooters won’t have to worry about the KO Rhino jumping off the shooting rest at the shot, providing the shooter with 10 times more stability for quick target acquisition and accurate follow-up shots.

The KO Rhino is the only Shooting Rest in the Market that Can be used as a Dual Purpose not only can you use its 20-pound magnetic pull force, but when you add the rubber cover it can also be used as a standard rest without the magnetic, making the Rhino Rest the most well rounded efficient rest under any circumstance.

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KO Rhino's NEXT GEN Magnetic Shooting Rest Collection