Our Warranty

Warranty Information

Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations outlined below, we guarantee 3 year warranty service to the original purchaser for our crossbows against defects in materials and workmanship that adversely affect the crossbow's operation. However, crossbow strings, cosmetic appearance and component parts and those which are subject to a variety of conditions in normal use and considered to be consumable parts will be excluded.

This limited warranty will be void if the following occur : • Damage is caused by dry-firing or by using underweight arrows/bolts • The instructions in the owner's manual are not followed • The crossbow or any of its parts or accessories are altered from their original state • The crossbow has not been maintained properly • Failure or damage was caused by improper calibration or by abnormal use. Please carefully package and return the product, transportation charges pre-paid to your dealers or distributors. all accessory items must be removed from the crossbow prior to shipping. if after examining a returned product, the dealer determines that the product is not subject to this limited warranty, product repairs can be provided at then-current repair rates informed by the dealer.